Shanxi Yatai Digital Remote Sensing New Technology Co., Ltd. (YTRS) is a private high-tech company that carries out research, development, application and promotion of aerial remote sensing technology. Founded in December 2003, the company has long been committed to aerial photography
Successful Acceptance of “Ind…
On 6 th August the Independent Innovation Project initiated by the Bureau of High-tech Industry in Taiyuan and undertaken by our company has been evaluated and accepted by the Science Technology Evaluation Center. The study area of the proj
The 3rd Hi-Tech Production Expo…
From 26-30 June,2007 the company has taken part in the 3rd Hi-Tech Production Expo in Shanxi Province during which the company has sent Engineers to make demonstrations to the would-be customers and made the technology known by more people
Transmission line Engineering S…
With the steady and rapid development of the economy and the increasing demand for electricity, the grid planning, survey, design, construction and follow-up operation, management, maintenance as well as analysis for decision making become

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