Successful Acceptance of “Independent Innovation Project”

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    On 6th August the “Independent Innovation Project" initiated by the Bureau of High-tech Industry in Taiyuan and undertaken by our company has been evaluated and accepted by the Science & Technology Evaluation Center.
    The study area of the project is in southern part of Kuqa in Tarim Basin. The project aims to find new solution for airborne LiDAR data acquisition and processing, establishing 3D landscape model, as well as the optimization of the production process. The project lasted for two years with total investment more than 1.68 million RMB, in which 500,000 RMB is from the High-tech Zone Management Committee of Taiyuan.

Onsite Acceptance by Experts

    Our company was committed to independent innovation throughout the project, following are some of our accomplishments. 
  ①Self-designed Damping-reduce connecting plate for Lidar system integration
  ②3D adjustable cradle head for better connection to aircraft which  is able to adjust the vertical and horizontal direction of the sensor,  improving the accuracy of the data
  ③Quick & efficient acquisition of various positioning and earth gravity field parameters using the IMU system
  ④Used 3D Model to present the actual landform information rather than abstract map symbols and realized the combination of real and virtual landform info.
    The outcome of the project realized the direct and fast landscape viewing in 3D data, height measurement of trees and buildings as well as section inspection, which meet numerous requirements of petroleum exploration and make the engineering investment budget more scientific. The product combines rich surface information, DEM and DOM to obtain a real 3D scene map, enabling designers to complete petroleum exploration work indoor. Our company has obtained 5 National Intellectual Property Rights (3 software copyrights, 2 utility model patents) during the project. Meanwhile, the R &D team published 8 research papers in provincial journals.
    The research and technical achievements of this project have been applied in highway construction, electric power design, urban construction etc., which have greatly improved the work efficiency and level.

Li Dongqiang (left), Deputy General Manager, and Zheng Changchun (right), Director of the Office of Chief Engineer.

    The acceptance team has listened to our report and has reviewed all the technical and financial materials. After necessary discussion and Q&A, the team has confirmed the completeness of the project files and the effectiveness and completion of the innovation system, which have met the criteria of acceptance.
    The successful acceptance of this project is definitely recognition of our achievements in these years. In the future, our company will continue to be in line with the National Innovation-driven Development Strategy, constantly enhance the core competitiveness, and strive to bring more valuable contribution to the market. We will carry on the predecessor's vision and make a greater success of it in the field of remote sensing.


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